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Since 1949, the Swedish-Irish Society (Svensk-irländska föreningen) has been building friendships between the two countries, promoting Irish culture in Sweden.
Gradually, we've become a hub for the Irish and Swedish-Irish in Sweden.
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Upcoming Events Stockholm

Upcoming Events
Malmö & Göteborg

  • No events just now - but we're working on it!

Watch the video of this year's St Patrick's Day parade in Stockholm

Thanks to everyone who sponsored (below), helped out and turned up to make the day such a success!

- Emigrant Support Programme of Ireland
- Suir Engineering
- Kirby Group Engineering
- Jones Engineering
- Collen Construction
- Silverback Staffing
- Carlsberg (Guinness)
- Tourism Ireland
- Wirströms Pub

Spuds and Sill Drama Group     
  • Are busy planning their next production!

The most recent production was May 2024; Bernard Farrell's "Canaries".

Strengthening the cultural bonds between Sweden and Ireland – and having fun while we do it!

Founded in Stockholm in 1949

Registered non-profit organisation: 812800-5769


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